My Boxes need Drainage!

This is a picture of some of my almost finished planter boxes

My goal this week is to completely finish my first planter boxes that I will sale and give away. This was a big task so I have been putting every spare minute that I have into finishing them. Last night I was putting in the plastic to protect the wood from water damage.

My original plan was to not put in a drainage hole and to just put rock in the bottom of my boxes. I wanted this so that the water doesn’t drain right through and onto your inside window seal. I only had enough rock from a previous project to put in one box. I put that in and filled it with dirt. I was about to go to my home away from home (The Home Depot) to get more rock when I decided to google what time of rock was best for my purpose.

What I found really surprised me! Every site that I went to said that I was asking for trouble if i didn’t put in a way for the water to drain. This really surprised me. One site called it the myth of putting rocks in the bottom with no drainage hole. After spending way to much time studying this, I made the decision that I have to redesign my boxes to have drainage.

My problem is that I have to design it so that it still looks good, doesn’t get your window sill dirty, and lets the water out. I haven’t come up with a good fix for my boxes yet but I do have some ideas. I went to The Home Depot ¬†and bought some plastic and some silicone sealant and I hope to find a way to piece that all together. Wish me luck! If you have any suggestions leave it below in the comments.