Where my passion of Wood working came to be

My current workshop set-up

One of my biggest passions is woodworking. My passion started undiscovered as a youth working one some projects that my father had. I helped him with things such as cutting firewood, making a bed frame, and a bench. I enjoyed those moments more because I got to spend time with my father. I then got caught up with college and didn’t really do much with it.

My next experience was the summer before I served a two-year service mission for my church. I needed summer employment and a local framer hired me. I was brand new to that world so there was a huge learning curve. A couple months into my summer, i was finally getting more comfortable and I had a terrible accident with a skill saw I was using. I cut open my wrist. Luckily it didn’t do any permanent damage, but I had a huge fear of picking up a saw again.

I served my mission and then had another year of college. I moved to Utah and took a semester off of school. During that semester, I got a job as a framer again.  My first day of work had been over three years since my horrid accident. I realized I had to replace fear with respect for the tools. I overcame my fear and  found that i really loved framing houses. I worked that semester and then went back to college.

I realized that I really missed being able to work with wood. Just on a whim, I started buying a few really cheap wood working tools from a couple garage sales. I put my new found tools to use and built a couple

One of the first planter boxes I made.

of planter boxes. They looked horrid!

The world of framing houses is night and day different from finish work.  With these first couple of boxes though, I caught the bug of wood working. Much to my bank accounts chagrin, I have bought many more tools and taken over the garage as my workshop.  With this bug I am starting my business in woodworking.